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Pillar : Induction sealing systems
VME, Service & Engineering is from 2005 an official distributor and fitter of the Pillar induction sealing systems manufactured in the United States.

The Pillar induction sealing technology, manufactured and supported by Pillar Technologies and VME Service & Engineering in Europe.

Industrial Metal Detection Systems

Pillar is known around the globe for its performance, reliability and the quality of its induction sealing systems.

The Pillar induction sealing technology is manufactured, sold by Pillar Technologies, part of one of the major European suppliers of packaging.

Our most recent systems can be used in a broad range of applications, from medicines, healthcare and cosmetics to chemical products, oils, food and drinks.

The Pillar iFoiler air-cooled induction sealing systems are developed for use in all applications, from low to high speeds, in the food and drink industry, chemical products, cleaning agents, cosmetics, healthcare, dairy plants, nutraceuticals, oil and pharmaceutical industries.

The mobile systems, which can be delivered with or without a conveyor belt, has a power of 2.25kW.

Our induction systems are extremely reliable which has been proven in the most demanding applications around the world. In case a problem should occur, our own support team is ready with a broad application experience and a flexible technical service to make sure that your system runs perfectly again as soon as possible.

* The Unifoiler is no longer available. The spareparts and aftersales service for the Unifoiler will still be available.