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Who is VME?
Experience in the industry, particularly in the food industry
Due to the rich experience in the food industry, VME Service & Engineering bvba can offer customers services to anticipate which matters to take into account when setting up a production system.

Based on his technical positions, Mark Vonckx has acquired many years of experience in automation and the most customer-oriented application thereof. As the Managing Director of VME Service & Engineering he conducts the introductory talks with customers. With an in-house flexible technical service to rely on, adequate solutions are always at hand.
Our Services
  • After-sales service and spare parts for all “TURBO SYSTEMS “equipment.
  • Optimising of production systems, to increase the efficiency of new and existing equipment and complete production lines.
  • Integration of new equipment in existing production lines.
  • Programming and program modifications of several types of PLC units
  • Installation of individual machines and complete production systems.
Integration in new or existing production lines
The integration of the new or existing production system and its installation can be fully implemented and followed up by VME.
Cooperation for more flexibility
To expand this flexibility VME has a continuous working relationship with a few other specialised companies, who can offer, each in their specialisation, the customer the best possible solution.

Due this cooperation VME can offer a complete range of equipment, and guarantee the customer that all the different brands of equipment will run perfectly in one production unit.
Making the right choices
Depending on the choices made in the design stage of the production system, large differences may exist in the final result, appearance and even taste of the finished products. Flexibility of a production system also plays an important role in the choice of machines and systems to be used.
Representative of leading manufacturers
VME also represents several manufacturers from different European countries, allowing you to make the right choices, while maintaining the flexibility.