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Teltek C20
Teltek C20
The Teltek engineered C20 precision weigh platform guarantees stability, accuracy and repeatability. Available in IP66 stainless steel with conveyors driven by virtually maintenance free brushless DC motors.

The C20 offers a range of belt sizes and reject devices to suit customer specific needs including Air Blast, Pusher, Single or Double Flipper/Divert Arm and Drop Flap.
The C20 comes with an easy-to-use display with settings for nominal weight,over- and underweight. The display makes it easy to change the parameters for the product running.
The belt dimensions of the Tektek C20 is adapted to suit any kind of application, from big sacks of seeds to small boxes of candy.
Teltek C-platform

  • Teltek C-platform is the basis of the checkweighers in the Teltek C-series.
  • Hardware as well as software is developed by Teltek and give our checkweighers very high performance in weighing.
  • Teltek C-platform can be combined with many different applications to be able to fit in a large amount of different environments.
  • Combine Teltek C-platform with either the C20, C60 or C80 interface.

  • Weight Capacity: from 15-2500 g or 15-5000 g
  • Accuracy: from 1.0 g
  • Speed: maximum 200ppm (depending on pack size)
  • Weigh Platform: Teltek C
  • Display: LED
  • PLU/Programmable memory: No memory
  • Connectivity Options: All IP S Stainless Steel & Aluminium
  • Power: 110/230VAC 50/60
  • Dimensions: All checkweighers built to customer specifications (belt sizes)