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Teltek C80
Teltek C80
The Teltek engineered C80 precision weighing platform guarantees stability, accuracy and repeatability. Available in stainless IP66 steel with conveyors driven by virtually maintenance free brushless DC motors.

The Teltek C80 offers a range of networking, feedback and communications options (wired or wireless) giving management and operators total control over their checkweighing. A Metal Detector Integral Combination unit is also available. Up to four parallel weighing systems can be controlled by one display and software programme.

The Teltek weighing mechanism is easy to clean with quick release tool free belt release and incorporates an open-design stainless steel corrosion free load cell guaranteeing longevity and trouble free weighing.
Teltek C-platform

  • Teltek C-platform is the basis of the checkweighers of Teltek C-series.
  • Hardware as well as software is developed by Teltek and give our checkweighers very high performance in weighing.
  • Teltek C-platform can be combined with many different applications to fit in a large amount of different environments.
  • Combine Teltek C-platform with either the C20, C60 or C80 interface.

  • Weighing Capacity: from 15-2500 g or 15-5000 g
  • Accuracy: from 0.1 gram
  • Speed: maximum 500ppm (depending on pack size)
  • Weigh Platform: Teltek C
  • Display: 15” Touch screen
  • PLU/Programmable memory: 1000 (expandable to 5000)
  • Connectivity Options: All IP66 Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel & Aluminium
  • Power: 110/230VAC 50/60